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Low Light Pet-Friendly Plants for Apartments

a cat laying on the floor next to a vase

Low Light Pet-Friendly Plants for Apartments

With pet ownership up by 11% since 1988, there's a bigger market for pet-friendly plants. And if you own a pet and live in an apartment, you'll want to find a plant that can enhance your interior space. When choosing an indoor plant, aim to find one that works in scenarios where there isn't always direct sunlight, as well.
While this might sound like a lot of boxes to check, it is possible to find the perfect solution. Read on to learn about the best low-light, pet-friendly plants!


You can infuse even the smallest space with charm when you populate it with succulents. You also can feel good knowing that these usually are safe plants for pets to be around. The prickly leaves and small size of these plants make it easy to place them anywhere and even keep them out of your pet's reach.

You will want to be sure to check on the particular types of succulents, however, before buying plants. Some are not as friendly to pets. Echeveria, for instance, is one of the safe succulents to choose from.

Once you find a few safe options, you'll love the minimal maintenance required to keep them happy, as well as their cute appearance!

a set of three copper pots with plants in them

Spider Plant

For a classic houseplant that won't make your pets ill, you can't beat a spider plant. The curly leaves and variations of green create a delicate sense of style that looks good in any space.

If you have a sunny space in your floor plan where you can place a spider plant, that is ideal. But even if you don't, your spider plant can still do well without as much light. As a bonus, these plants keep producing, so you can re-pot the new plants and add more potted plants to your home.

a spider plant sitting on top of a window sill

Boston Fern

The Boston fern is a mainstay among pet-friendly plants. The textured, almost ruffled leaves look soft and delicate. But at the same time, the sheer number of leaves can add an intense focal point to any room.

If you're new to caring for plants, the Boston fern will go easy on you. You don't need to do much beyond watering them and ensuring that they get some indirect light. And if your cat happens to show interest in playing with the plant's leaves, you won't have to worry about these non-toxic plants causing problems.

a desk with a computer and a large green fern

African Violet

Do you want a colorful houseplant? Then look no further than the African violet. These blooming houseplants can provide pops of color in anything from violet to pink or white.

You won't need to break your budget, either, to introduce some bold accent colors to your home. Like many of the houseplants on this list, you can get a good starter plan for under $20. Indirect light works best, so keep these stunning plants near a window.

a flower in a pot with books in the background

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas Cactus is an attractive and safe plant to display in your home. These statement plants produce intense blooms, even when it's cold and snowy outside. The green leaves extending from the soil have a distinct cactus appearance, though.

Generally speaking, these plants don't require a lot of light, making them an all-around safe choice. You will need to be diligent about watering them, however.

a red cactus in a white pot on a white background

Bamboo Palm

Bamboo palms are an excellent choice for their attractive looks and safety. Your dog or cat won't fall ill if they happen to gnaw on a leaf. Plus, you'll get a plant that makes you feel like you're at the beach and adds texture to bland spaces.

Just be sure to steer clear of some palms that are not pet-friendly plants. Cyclads, for instance, are not. But bamboo or date palms, by contrast, are safe bets.

a plant in a grey pot with white gravel

Prayer Plant

If you like plants with distinctive patterns on their leaves, look to the prayer plant. You can find this plant in variations of green and red, with lighter tones of either color, as well. The chevron-like patterns on the leaves are an excellent way to introduce some texture and uniqueness to a space.

These low-light plants won't harm your pets. You won't need to water them all the time. And at about eight inches at the largest size, this diminutive plant can fit just about anywhere.

a plant in a pot on a wooden table

Friendship Plant

Another great option among non-toxic plants is the friendship plant. The orb-like leaves sprout from the base of the plant quickly, meaning you can transfer some of those sprouts into another pot. That makes it easy to share this fun plant.

Even better, this plant doesn't require much light to flourish. So, you can place it just about anywhere and trust that it also won't harm your pets. With a final height of about 12 inches, the friendship plant makes a lot of sense in small spaces.

a hand holding a peppermint plant

Moth Orchid

For an elegant addition to your decor, reach for the moth orchid. You can find these graceful plants in most flower shops or grocery stores. The delicate blooms come in a range of colors, including white, pink, or speckled designs.

While sunlight can be helpful from a blooming standpoint, moth orchids can handle less light, too. In fact, too much light can be harmful. Place these pet-friendly plants on your dining room table or in your kitchen to enhance the space.

a pink orchid in a white vase on a white background

Find the Best Low Light Pet-Friendly Plants

When you're on the hunt for low-light pet-friendly plants, the options are plentiful. From orchids to Boston ferns, you can find different types of plants to suit your personal style. And you won't need to worry about your pets getting sick on account of your plants.

Ready to find the perfect pet-friendly apartment to display your plants? Contact us so we can show you our apartments with no breed restrictions in Wichita, Kansas!